As my Personal Assistant your job will be to provide the personal and domestic assistance I require to enable me to live my life in the way I choose.  As my Personal Assistant you must be able to respect my privacy and have an understanding of the need for confidentiality in all areas of your work.  As my Personal Assistant you must be able to handle, when required the physical skills of lifting, pushing and bending.

Personal Tasks:

The job involves all of the following, but, not to the exclusion of tasks and assistance that may develop during the period of employment.

  • assist me to wash and shower;
  • assist me with dressing and undressing as required;
  • assist me to use the toilet as and when required;assist with any other tasks involved in helping me deal with health and hygiene.

Domestic Tasks:

  • preparing and cooking meals to suit my diet;
  • tidying up after meals;
  • making and changing my bed;
  • general cleaning e.g. dusting, hoovering etc;
  • shopping - OR - assistance to go shopping.

 Other Tasks:

  •  going out for walks with me which requires you pushing my wheelchair
  • escorting me to leisure or other activities.
  • help with correspondence e.g. answering letters and making phone calls as required;
  • assisting me in my role as a parent on occasion
  • routine upkeep of equipment e.g. wheelchairs, domestic aids;
  • any other reasonable duties.


 You may be required to undertake appropriate training to enable you to carry out your tasks effectively.  This training may include:

 Disability Equlity

 Moving and Assisting

 Health and Safety

 Impairment specific training

 Other training needs identified throughout the duration of your employment will be considered and actioned, as and when appropriate.

 Personal Assistant – Essential Requirement







Good listening skills

Good personal hygiene

To apply for this position please email Carol at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.