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  • Get Together & Be Informed

    The initial Get Together & Be Informed Fife Event took place in January as a joint iniative led by SDS Options (Fife), SPAEN and the PA Network Scotland.  The event was attended by Personal Assistants and their Employers who all arrived with an open and enthusiastic attitude which was evident throughout the day.

    Both employers and Personal Assistants heard from Ian Fricker at SDS Options (Fife) who set the scene for the day, established some ground rules around Respect, Compassion and Empathy before splitting delegates to attend the most relevant workshop to them.  Generally employers went to SPAEN to discuss employment regulations etc and PAs came to the PA Network to discuss how we could establish and grow a support network for them.

    We had a very enthusiastic group of PAs who shared their stories and gave us great feedback on what could be done to develop and grow the network within Fife and the kind of support they may benefit from.  Key discussion points were around

    • Training - is there a minimum standard, what is available, how and where to access funding
    • Employment Rights
    • PA Forum - platform to share stories, experiences and meet other PAs
    • Register for PAs - Trip Advisor ratings and bank of staff to cover adhoc requests

    I was certainly impressed by the level of dedication and determination to their employers the PAs showed.  This was evident in the conversations and questions to find out more about the SDS process, how they can better assist their employer with processes and procedures and their enthusiasm to be part of a wider support group and having a voice.  While not all points raised can be actioned immediately there was lots of positive thoughts, comments and feedback around having access to support and holding fairly regular events. 

    Items raised at both workshops were shared across the whole group in addition to further points of query and concern. The mood from the delegates was positive and although some had experienced tough situations and overcome many hurdles they saw a positive outcome and welcomed the opportunity to share with others.

    During an informal lunch everyone has the opportunity to network, peruse the marketplace and speak privately about specific queries.

    Feedback from the day was positive overall and it was felt that both PAs and employers would welcome more of these events and the opportunity to further develop the SDS Community in Fife.


    We are delighted to be involved in the next Get Together & Be Informed event taking place in March!  Hope to see more of you there!


  • PA Network : Members Forum

    We are pleased that the PA Network has successfully secured funding from Scottish Government to continue and develop our services to PAs.  However, in an attempt to maximise the work we can do and the current limited use of the Forum, we regret to advise that the Forum part of our service will close shortly.  The remainder of our support will remain in place and we will continue to provide a phone, email, online and face to face support network to PAs.


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